Tina Townsend

For everyone who knows me they will agree the Hub is my ‘baby’ and the volunteers are the ‘child minders’

I started the hub plans in late 2017 with the help of Essex County Council.

My vision was to have a safe affordable place for the community to use and to help those in need. A place where groups can meet and a place that welcomes all

As a health, safety, environmental consultant and trainer I was also keen to help with both food poverty and waste so the community fridge was an important addition to the hub and with the help of the volunteers we save lots of food going to landfill and help many people who struggle with food poverty

When we finally registered as a charity I was so proud of what we had achieved and I continue to be amazed and overwhelmed daily by how our team work together to help the hub grow and thrive

I am honoured to be the chair of the trustees and look forward to continuing its success in years to come

Tracey MacDonald

My passion is cooking. As a chef running a school kitchen I know only too well the importance of good nutrition especially for growing children.

Being part of the hub gives me the opportunity to help with the community fridge giving ideas and assistance by using some of the produce to make it go further.

Helping out during lockdown packing and delivering food parcels was so rewarding so I was honoured to be invited to become a trustee.

With my passion for cooking I’m looking forward to developing ideas and recipes using ingredients we regularly have in the Community Fridge with the hope recipes will help people to cook from scratch even on a budget.

Jemma Moorey

Besides being a trustee for the hub, I am an experienced Hairdressing Tutor working with apprentices throughout Essex.

I not only bring my passion for teaching new skills but enthusiasm for encouraging others to fulfil their full potential. I wear my heart on my sleeve, love a good old chin wag and will always make time to be a listening ear.

I got involved in the Hub because I care about our community & equality for all, which I believe is the ethos for the hub. Hope & joy is what can install confidence in others and I feel the hub does that.

Emma Stobirski

I am the “newbie” trustee and I was honoured to be asked to join very recently. I have been an avid watcher and supporter of the Hub’s many achievements through lockdown and I am thrilled to become a part of it.

I am a mum of two teenage daughters and a local solicitor. I hope to help the Hub in any way I can. I have been involved in homeless projects, a food bank, various fundraising projects and community groups. I generally believe that everyone should act towards each other with a sense of kindness and help each other in any way that we can.

That is what the Hub is all about. The lockdown spirit has really demonstrated the generosity within the community and we really must keep it going! Witham is a great community and the Hub is at the centre of it.

Carolyn Hobbs

I have been part of the hub since the early days of the idea having been invited to become involved. With my practical and administrative skills I felt I had a lot to offer and more so since I retired from work.

I volunteered as I could see its potential and valued what it was trying to achieve. So when I was recently invited to become a trustee, I felt honoured & overwhelmed.

I’m proud of what the hub does to help the local community and what it has achieved so far. I relish getting stuck in no matter what needs doing, as the results are very gratifying.

Richard Penny

I have worked with vulnerable adults and children in London for 20 years, so when the opportunity came to do some training for the Hub I jumped at it, the enthusiasm of the Trustees and Volunteers was infectious and I started helping out more. I was thrilled when they invited me to become a trustee and have enjoyed being involved in the running of the hub.

Community is everything and resources like this need nurtured, I am very proud to play a part in this essential part of the Witham community.

A proud Scotsman from the West Coast of Ayrshire, I am passionate about golf and Rugby, and although the rugby playing days are well and truly over I can often be seen on the golf course and heard at Murrayfield cheering on Scotland.

Carol Brooks

I started volunteering for The Witham Hub in 2019 and became a Trustee in Spring 2020. I live in Witham with my husband and two children. We have lived here for 20 years and have family and friends around to support us.

When I started as a volunteer for the Witham Hub, I became aware of how many people in our community are struggling and do not have support around them.

I am extremely proud to be a part of a great team of volunteers who work hard to support those in the local community who need our help.